Thursday, August 4, 2011

Officially done uni

yes i'm finally done. oh man, i've been waiting for this to actually receive my degree in hand (in oct) :D.

let the job hunting begin!


  1. already congratulated you twice but hope life feels nice and relaxing right now. I know it did for me when I finished~ Finishing school. What a page to turn in life.

    Hello! I didn't get to go to all the night market food events because I don't like hot weather. I don't know what asian poutine is either but it looks pretty good...

    I hate raw oysters :S blechhhhh

    Good write up overall~

  2. Congrats. You must be feeling really happy at having getting it over and done with, excited at the prospects ahead, apprehensive about finding a good job? I love to read and see the pics on the night bazaar. I'm lemming for some pineapple juice now.