Thursday, December 1, 2011

Um can you say HOT?!! I must've watched this 4x already -.-..I life! Who knew Hyuna and Hyunseung would make sucha hot duo?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My graduation was two weeks ago Wednesday and it was raining the whole time. So it was a bit hard to take pictures outside. At one point, the wind blew my cap away haha but no worries I got it back.

I have my degree framed but it's currently sitting on my desk instead of hanging it up on the wall =\. Ooops.

Anyways, moving on...

This past weekend, TN had free movie tickets so we watched The Ides of March with George Clooney and Ryan Gosling (drools). It's a political type of drama but I liked it! Good movie! Close to the ending, I kept on staring at Ryan Gosling and totally wasn't paying attention to the lines in the movie and next thing you know the credits started rolling and I was like wtf did the movie just end? I had to ask TN what happened in the end and she asked if I was even listening and I said no because Ryan Gosling's face was so distracting lmao.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Haha this was taken at Taste of Kingsway (it's like Taste of Danforth but on Kingsway haha) a few weeks back, kids in a bubble floating on water. For every kid that misbehaves, just put them in a bubble and send them away lol. I'm kidding.

Anyway, I've been really unmotivated lately to update my blog. Plus, I have other things to worry about then to update lol such as: finding a job!! Now that I'm done uni, finding a job is my #1 worry and I just feel so lost. I've been sending my resumes left and right and only had a few interviews..when I say few it's really a few -____-. I feel like a lost puppy and need someone to guide me haha. I do have a direction of where I want to go though, but it's just a matter of knowing how to get there.

Ok, let's move on haha. The last picture I want to share is:

OPI nail polishes for $6 each at Taste of Kingsway! Great deal or what? We each picked up two minus JK 'cause she was stilling hunting for food lol.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I had my birthday dinner about a week and half ago (I am now 2...............3 *sigh lol) with my closest friends minus DL who was in Korea at that time. I originally wanted to have dinner at Panorama 180 but I read a lot of bad reviews. So we decided on Joey (the one next to Eatons), I also heard their drinks were pretty good too. And I'm glad we went because it was *thumbs up*.

We sat right in the patio area right next to an open area yay! I was reading a card LD made me when she was at the office, what she wrote was pretty hilar.

We all had peach bellinis - it was good! But I also heard the blue mojito was another favourite! Will definitely try that next time!

TN and I had the lobster ravioli, it was delicious! Joey's menu was actually created by a chef (don't remember his name) that participated on Iron Chef Japan.

LD had the maple glazed salmon(?) - was really good!

JK had the rotisserie chicken and the chicken was huge!

Our first dessert - chocolate lava (?) or something like that. This was too sweet imo.

Apple crumble - also too sweet for me!

Going to the washroom at Joey's was like a journey LOL! It's at the back of the restaurant and you go downstairs and when you turn you go down on another set of stairs. After that you walk through the hallway and turn right before reaching to the washroom. Anyway, funny story..I didn't see this but I was in the stall when it happened but apparently some guy used the women's washroom LOL and when he came out of the stall he saw my friend washing her hands and he was like "Sorry, am I in the women's washroom?" and my friend said yes and the guy apologized! Hilarious..

Anyway, that was my first time going to Joey but probably will be going back again. I really like the atmosphere :D and I would really like to try the blue mojito next time!


1 Dundas Street West Toronto, ON
M5G 1Z3 Phone: 1-647-352-5639

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Officially done uni

yes i'm finally done. oh man, i've been waiting for this to actually receive my degree in hand (in oct) :D.

let the job hunting begin!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Night it Up - night market

Long time no update, busy with school and work..finishing my last undergraduate course and I'll be done FOREVER haha.

So I went to the Night it Up night market two weeks ago, it was packed like sardines and it was HOT. Look at the crowd! But nothing compares to the crowd in night markets in Asia haha.

First thing I got was this - pineapple juice! It was 2 for $11 but I found another stand where it was $8 and FREE refills. This was pretty heavy to hold.

TN loves to eat poutine so she got excited when she saw "Asian" poutine. wtf is asian poutine anyway? lol well this one is pretty much ground beef? in sauce, cheese and gravy that tastes weird.

We all got excited when we saw raw oysters <333 LOVE. I think it was two for $10 don't remember. But I do remember it being tasty :D!

Takoyaki <3

Yes, all 9 of those were ours haha. Kidding, just those four. TN ate only one and didn't like can you not like takoyaki lol, so RC, LD and I all had to finish hers.

We also had HK style stinky tofu, if you can read the sign it says 全加之臭 臭豆腐 (translation: the most smelliest stinky tofu). BUT it wasn't stinky at all and it tasted ok. The taiwanese one a couple vendors away was the smelliest.

HK style stinky tofu

So overall, great atmosphere - i had a fun time, going to the night market reminded me of the night markets I went to in Taiwan ..miss it there :(.

I also went to the TNT night market this past weekend and hate to say it but I had a horrible time. WHY? because it rained A LOT when we got there and we had no umbrella! Boo