Sunday, February 12, 2012

Winterlicious 2012

It's that time of year again...Winterlicious where many restaurants offer a fix-priced menu. This year my friends and I went to Fred's Not Here. We had wanted to go for the longest time ever and we just never went! So this year we were set on going to Fred's Not Here.

Appetizer: Grilled eggplant
Main: Linguine with lobster tail
Dessert: Tiramisu

I found the overall meal was good, especially the main..the linguine was a bit spicy which was nice! However, I found the tiramisu average I'm guessing it could be store bought. Funny thing I noticed was that it seemed the restaurant was full of Asians haha xP - all taking pictures of their food of course (that also includes us lol)

Look at the cute portrait of the little puppy, I had to take a picture of it..I wonder if it's Fred's puppy haha.

This dinner was one of DL's last before she left for China to teach for half an year :(.

Fred's Not Here
321 King Street West Toronto, ON M5V 1J5
(416) 971-9155


The second restaurant I visited for Winterlicious was at Cafe California. I highly recommend this restaurant! their food was SO good and apparently their homemade chocolate cake is to die for says LD. But too bad it wasn't on their winterlicious I'll be sure to come back for that cake haha.

Appetizer: Calamari (delish!)
Main: filet with vegetables
Dessert: Chocolate mousse cake

TN, LD and I had a pitcher of their Mama's sangria, it was pretty strong because at the end of the dinner..I felt tipsy and tired and I just wanted to go to sleep -__-.

Cafe California
538 Church Street Toronto, ON M4Y 2E1
(416) 960.6161