Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I had my birthday dinner about a week and half ago (I am now 2...............3 *sigh lol) with my closest friends minus DL who was in Korea at that time. I originally wanted to have dinner at Panorama 180 but I read a lot of bad reviews. So we decided on Joey (the one next to Eatons), I also heard their drinks were pretty good too. And I'm glad we went because it was *thumbs up*.

We sat right in the patio area right next to an open area yay! I was reading a card LD made me when she was at the office, what she wrote was pretty hilar.

We all had peach bellinis - it was good! But I also heard the blue mojito was another favourite! Will definitely try that next time!

TN and I had the lobster ravioli, it was delicious! Joey's menu was actually created by a chef (don't remember his name) that participated on Iron Chef Japan.

LD had the maple glazed salmon(?) - was really good!

JK had the rotisserie chicken and the chicken was huge!

Our first dessert - chocolate lava (?) or something like that. This was too sweet imo.

Apple crumble - also too sweet for me!

Going to the washroom at Joey's was like a journey LOL! It's at the back of the restaurant and you go downstairs and when you turn you go down on another set of stairs. After that you walk through the hallway and turn right before reaching to the washroom. Anyway, funny story..I didn't see this but I was in the stall when it happened but apparently some guy used the women's washroom LOL and when he came out of the stall he saw my friend washing her hands and he was like "Sorry, am I in the women's washroom?" and my friend said yes and the guy apologized! Hilarious..

Anyway, that was my first time going to Joey but probably will be going back again. I really like the atmosphere :D and I would really like to try the blue mojito next time!


1 Dundas Street West Toronto, ON
M5G 1Z3 Phone: 1-647-352-5639


  1. Happy Belated Bday!

    Joey's look nice =) My friend told me it was pretty good when she went.
    Chocolate molten lava cake?

    And the poor guy must have felt so embarrassed haha

  2. happy belated birthday hon!! omgosh that lobster ravioli looks CRAZY DELICIOUS!! that's like one of my all time favorite pasta dishes hahah :)

  3. Mmm that food looks delicious! I love Joeys =)